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Human Rehabilitation Framework (HRF) Overview

  • The world’s first biopsychosocial process-based approach to rehabilitation, accessible to all disciplines for transdisciplinary care delivery. 

  • Incorporates Network Theory and Applied Evolutionary Science, enabling individualized functional analysis. This approach moves beyond traditional methods of stratification, grouping, and categorization, addressing the non-ergodic nature of human problems rather than relying on ergodic statistical organization.

  • Advances Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) by integrating scientific evidence, clinical practice, and personalized care. It further promotes the evolution of rehabilitation towards Precision Medicine and the Value Based Care Model.

  • Revolutionizes diagnostic and intervention methods by shifting from differential diagnosis and traditional Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs), Clinical Prediction Rules (CPRs), and Clinical Pathways to a process-based approach.
  • Adopts adaptive strategies to manage complexity, leveraging technological (including psycho-technological) advancements to enhance efficiency. Process-based interventions offer transdiagnostic effects through multi-dimensional and multi-level interactions.
  • Effectively addresses the key criticisms of the Biopsychosocial (BPS) Model, paving the way for a more comprehensive and integrative approach to rehabilitation.

  • Future-proofs rehabilitation practices by shifting the research focus from group-level (nomothetic) analysis to individual-level (idiographic) analysis. It is fully prepared to adopt idionomic research methods and advanced statistical methodologies, advancing the fields of Biomedicine and Psychological research.

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